Polarised Lenses


To be able to understand how polarised lenses work, it is helpful to understand a little bit about how light works. When light is reflected from a smooth surface, it is horizontally polarised. That is why these lenses are ideal for driving or fishing. The horizontally polarised light decreases visibility and creates glare. Polarised lenses work to combat this glare by blocking horizontally polarised light. The result is a reduction in the annoying and potentially harmful glare.

Polarised For Driving

Polarised lenses offer increased safety. They eliminate the glare produced by the reflections on wet road surfaces, dashboards and other cars.

Polarised For Sports

Particularly useful for water sports (sailing and fishing in particular) and winter sports, whenever the eyes are under constant stress from the sunlight reflected by flat surfaces (water, snow and ice).

Polarised For Greater Comfort

In both summer and winter, wearers can rediscover the pleasure of better vision under all circumstances, with colours appearing more vibrant than with normal sunglass lenses.


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